[Baking] Estonian Kringle

Earlier, my friend Elise linked me to this recipe for an Estonian Kringle she’s made before.  It’s basically a giant cinnamon roll, but shaped more like a flower.  On a whim, after dinner, I decided to whip one up.  It is incredibly easy.

I only use instant yeast these days, so the beginning proofing part of the recipe didn’t really apply to me.  The dough came together really easily, though, and rose really fast, wow!  By the time I finished doing all the dishes from dinner and mixing up the Kringle, it was 2/3 of the way to being doubled.  It was maybe 30 minutes.  :o  It probably helped that the kitchen was pretty warm, too.

The recipe calls for 6-7 tablespoons of butter in the filling.  Holy crap that’s a lot of butter, I could not fit that much butter inside!  Maybe I didn’t roll the dough out enough?  It also doesn’t give any measurements for how much cinnamon and sugar to put in, just however much you want.  So, I sprinkled on a layer of cinnamon and then I sprinkled on a heavier layer of vanilla sugar.  Turns out it wasn’t quite sweet enough for our tastes.  :o  Clearly, I’ll have to try this again in the future with more sugar.  (It’s also possible the vanilla sugar I had isn’t as sweet due to the reaction with the vanilla or something.  Hmm.)


Estonian Kringle

Estonian Kringle

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